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After successfully building out courses that introduce the general public to the concept of prompt engineering, we are now ready to take our learners to the next level. Instead of just focusing on learning new techniques, this course's main objective is to empower its learners to be able to develop their own techniques through our '5 Pillars of Prompt Engineering'.

Learn the Backend

Each pillar begins by focusing on one aspect go a large language model (LLM), explaining what it is and how it works through activities and analogies. 

Related Techniques

The pillar then dives into either known prompt engineering techniques, or techniques we have developed, that take advantage of this particular aspect.


You are then guided on your journey to developing your own techniques. Our hands-on exercises allow you to focus on building skills, not just knowledge.

Context is Key

LLMs predict the best next word based on context. In this section we focus on the power of context, understanding why it's important and how we can develop prompt engineering techniques that take context into account. 

We push further into the understanding of plug-ins, web-browsing, and third party tools through the lens of context.
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Attention is All You Need

The attention mechanism brought about our current GenAI revolution, and understanding how it works unlocks a new perspective on prompt engineering.
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Intro to Training

Each LLM has been trained and fine-tuned differently. In this section we take a closer look at some major LLMs to see how we can use each one differently based on their uniqueness.
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LLMs Can't Think

Unlike us, LLMs can't actually think, instead they only have access to the information they verbalise. Learn the secrets behind why the step-by-step method is currently the most documented prompt engineering technique, and how to integrate the learnings into your own techniques.
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Don't Forget Humans

An evidence-based approach only gets us so far. Learn how to build human-centric prompt engineering techniques that unlocks our ability to work with LLMs in a more powerful way.
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Course Outline

Coming Soon

Our Flagship training course will be released by the end of 2023.
For more information or to see if this is the right course for your team, contact Nathan@ChatGPTtrainings.com