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We build e-learning courses with you in mind; they are fun, interactive, and full of hands-on exercises. 

Complete one of our courses, and you'll be awarded with an online verifiable certificate that is shareable via LinkedIn.
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ChatGPT as the Gateway

In 2023, AI is revolutionising how we use tech. We're chatting with devices, not just clicking. This is making everything, from emails to music, easier.

A wave of nearly 2,000 new AI tools has hit in the first half of this year alone. It's clear - we're in a new era of technology, not a passing trend.

By starting with ChatGPT, we're learning a new language that's essential for this AI-powered future. It's our first step into a world where talking to tech feels as natural as chatting with a friend.

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We don't believe in text heavy books that are littered with complex jargon. That's why pride ourselves in our illustrated, interactive books that break down the complexity of AI into relatable analogies and metaphors.