Goodbye SEO Posts, Hello GPT Lead-Magnets.
The Future of Digital Marketing

SEO blog posts yesterday, viral GPT chatbots today. This future-focused training dives into the enormous yet untapped potential of AI to revolutionise digital marketing. Join us as we learn to build GPTs that provide true value to customers while also proving a space for companies to control the narrative. Lead the next wave in marketing innovation and turn GPTs into ROI.
Saturday 9th December | 10am to 1pm | Hands-on Workshop | Central Bangkok | $445 of eLearning included

$520 | Book by 7th December for $350

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$445 of eLearning

Not only will you get your hands on our flagship course 'The Basics of Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT' ($95) but you'll get free access to our upcoming 'Advanced Prompt Engineering' ($350) which is due to be released on the 15th January 2024.
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What we'll be covering

Module 1: Crafting SEO Narratives that Captivate
The power of storytelling in SEO that boosts site traffic and leads.
  • Narrative frameworks that emotionally engage visitors
  • Optimised blog posts for higher search rankings and shares
  • Customer journeys that are mapped to strategic content

Module 2: Chatbots as Magnetic Marketing Assistants
How GPTs can become lead magnets that subtly promote your brand.
  • Discovering the world of GPTs - ChatBots that drive value
  • Walkthrough of the unofficial AW ChatBot
  • Exploring GPT lead magnet strategies
Module 3: Controlling the Narrative through System Prompts
Take control of chatbot narratives to strategically highlight your company or products.
  • Prompt Engineering techniques to build better system prompts
  • Seamlessly promote offerings within natural dialogues
  • Learn best practices for ethical and effective system guidance
Module 4: Building your GPT's Brain: Knowledge Managment
Equip chatbots with key information to build a GPT that adds value beyond a standard ChatGPT interaction
  • Uploading relevant data to build your bot's brain
  • Strategies on breaking data into multiple documents
  • Using system prompts to better navigate your knowledge
Module 5: Next Level GPTs: No-Code Integrations
Enable chatbots to act as lead-nurturing allies to boost your marketing.
  • Make GPTs more useful by allowing key actions (email, calendar, etc)
  • Integrate chatbots seamlessly into your website and sales funnel
  • Build integrations without being a developer