Chain Prompt Exercise

Try this SEO Chain Prompt

Simply replace the term [Topic] with any topic that interests you.
  1. Provide a list of common questions related to [Topic].

  2. Based on the provided list of questions, let's generate a list of popular keywords and phrases associated with [Topic], focusing on high search volume and low competition.

  3. From the list of common questions and keywords, please choose the most relevant ones and create a compelling and SEO-friendly headline and subheadings for a blog post about [Topic], incorporating the main keywords.

  4. Now that we have the headline and subheadings, provide an outline for a blog post about [Topic], with each section addressing one of the chosen common questions.

  5. With the outline in place, for each section of the [Topic] blog post, provide supporting points or key messages that can be developed into informative and engaging content, along with relevant statistics, facts, or examples.

  6. Let's discuss the best practices in on-page SEO for a blog post about [Topic], such as optimal keyword density, URL structure, meta descriptions, and image alt text.

  7. Now, generate the introduction for the blog post about [Topic], incorporating the headline, main keywords, and a brief overview of the content.

  8. Thanks! Generate the content for the first section (Subheading 1) of the [Topic] blog post, based on the supporting points, key messages, and SEO best practices.


Repeat step 8 for each subheading or section, modifying the subheading number accordingly.


  1. Great work! Now, generate the conclusion for the blog post about [Topic], summarising the main points and providing a call-to-action for the readers.

  2. Finally, for each section of the [Topic] blog post, provide an image prompt for a text-to-image AI tool in the following format: '[6-word description of the image or visual], [4 adjectives further describing the visual separated by commas], [the visual style (keep it consistent throughout)]'.