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Tailored for social good.

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Welcome to our CSR page. Here you can find more information about our mission to give back to the non-profit community as well as about our past, current and future projects.
Tools like ChatGPT and MidJourney can help your charity do more, quicker. Use them to blaze through emails, to apply for grants, create training materials, or even update your website.
Companies across the world are already saving time and money with these tools.
Why shouldn't you?

GenAI isn't here to replace you.

It's here to enhance you.

Our CSR mission

At ChatGPT Trainings, our mission is to empower nonprofits with the transformative potential of Generative AI.
We've successfully enabled teams globally to adopt GenAI through our training programs thanks to our unique approach.

Now we aim to give back by:

💡 Offering our quality training free to nonprofits

🗣️ Hosting exclusive events and webinars to introduce them to GenAI
🚀 Kickstarting a collaborative process to shape our CSR strategy

Join us to unlock the transformative potential of Generative AI for your organisation.
Make technology work for you
, not the other way around!

Exclusive Webinar Events

ChatGPT for Charities and Non-Profits

We're hosting special webinars tailored just for charities and nonprofits. We've got a couple of time slots across different time zones, so no matter where you are in the world, you can join in.

We've successfully trained companies globally in using GenAI. Now, we're sharing this knowledge with you for free. In just one hour, you'll pick up practical tips on using ChatGPT and other tools to make your admin tasks easier and boost engagement with your supporters. Plus, we'll cover the essentials of keeping your data safe.

We'll also provide the opportunity to join one of our upcoming focus groups to help us better understand how we can support your transition to the GenAI world.

Meet Rhune, our new CSR Officer

Rhune is dedicated to creating real impact for nonprofits. With experience training in the nonprofit sector, she understands tailored approaches are key.
Rhune is here to support you by:
🧠 Shaping our CSR strategy to empower nonprofits with AI
✋ Championing nonprofit participation to ensure our efforts meet real needs
🤝 Using her background in stakeholder engagement to build inclusive programs
Rhune is eager to collaborate directly with nonprofits to maximise the value of our CSR initiatives. Her passion for bottom-up solutions will help us develop offerings that drive meaningful change.
Get in touch with her via email: