Build AI Videos
with HeyGen & ElevenLabs

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At ChatGPT Trainings we use HeyGen and ElevenLabs to build our high-quality training videos that seem too real to be AI-generated

In this course we will share all our secrets with you, and teach you how to build AI-generated training videos that are faster and simpler to build, and can be edited at anytime from anywhere without having to re-shoot anything!

What's included?

  • 19 Videos
  • 10 Step-by-Step Walkthroughs
  • 6 Exercises
  • 1 ChatBot Helper
  • 1 Certification
  • All Our Secrets

Build Videos Faster

With AI-generated videos you will be able to build out a full training course in a matter of weeks, not months or quarters. Our unique workflows will supercharge your video production capacities like never before.

Life-Like Videos

We don't comprimise on quality. We believe that AI-generated training videos should feel as natural to the learner as a live-action shot. So we have built our own custom workflows to build better quality videos than HeyGen's own demos.

The CEO of HeyGen couldn't believe it!

Joshua, the CEO of HeyGen, knew that our videos used his platform due to the watermark on the bottom right. But even after seeing this, he still couldn't believe that our videos were AI-generated using his platform. 
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A True Learning Journey

We don't want you to copy and paste our method, instead we want to empower you with the knowledge to find the best apporach for your team. This is why our course doesn't just give you the answer, it guides you through 8 iterations where you learn to build better and better videos. Check out the videos below to see how they journey looks like.
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1) HeyGen Classic Video

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2) HeyGen's Photo Avatar

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3) HeyGen's Instant Avatar

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4) Adding a Zoom-in

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5) Multiple Camera Angles

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6) ElevenLabs Professional Voice

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7) Screen recording, b-roll & music

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8) Improved Transitions

Meet the instructor

Nathan Hunter

Nathan Hunter, a two times TEDx speaker, founder of ChatGPT Trainings and Amazon bestselling author of “The Art of Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT,” is working to shift organisations from a basic 'try this prompt' approach to using tools such as ChatGPT, to a more nuanced mastery of prompt engineering. This new skill is vital to the workforce as our technology pivots away from graphical user interfaces to conversational interfaces.

Having lead trainings in over 30 countries over the past decade in both soft and technical skills, Nathan brings a unique and engaging training approach that places the learner experience at the heart of each course.
Patrick Jones - Course author