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GPTs & Zapier for Business Automation

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Instead of wasting time navigating between systems, get ChatGPT to do the heavy work for you. Combine Zapier and custom GPTs to take your workplace automation to the next level without having to write a line of code.

What's included?

  • 18 Videos
  • 4 Hands-on Labs
  • 3 Ways to Follow Each Lab
  • 1 Certification

A True Productivity Boost

You will learn to build tools that dramatically save you time. No more endless navigation through platform after platform. Instead your own GPT will do the heavy lifting for you.

Workplace Automation

You will learn to automate many of your most time consuming work processes. Leveraging both ChatGPT and Zapier, you will spend your time orchestrating and strategically planning work, instead of having to manually carry it out.
Use Case Walkthrough

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Idea Safe

We build a GPT that connects to a Google Sheet to transform 5 to 10 minute stream-of-thoughts into organised and detailed ideas. 

Using this same blueprint we can build GPTs to analyse and organise anything we have into tidy spreadsheets.
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Meet the instructors

Diaba Konate

Diaba Konaté is an experienced Solutions Architect and trainer specialising in SaaS, MongoDB, AWS, and ML. With a Master's degree in Software Engineering from EFREI and over 10 years of experience at notable companies such as MongoDB and Appian, Diaba has extensive knowledge in cloud architecture and machine learning.

Her passion for leveraging the latest technologies to drive innovation, combined with her expertise in low-code automation, brings a wealth of practical insights and real-world examples to the course, enabling students to gain a deep understanding of how to effectively implement business automation using LLMs, Zapier, and GPTs in their own projects.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Nathan Hunter

Nathan Hunter, a two times TEDx speaker, founder of ChatGPT Trainings and Amazon bestselling author of “The Art of Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT,” is working to shift organisations from a basic 'try this prompt' approach to using tools such as ChatGPT, to a more nuanced mastery of prompt engineering. This new skill is vital to the workforce as our technology pivots away from graphical user interfaces to conversational interfaces.

Having lead trainings in over 30 countries over the past decade in both soft and technical skills, Nathan brings a unique and engaging training approach that places the learner experience at the heart of each course.
Patrick Jones - Course author